Tuesday, May 27, 2008

An intense week

Man, what a friggin week.

Monday last week my car broke down.

Tuesday last week I had two computers and one tv running with election results. Races either ran exactly as I predicted or better than I expected. It was a great night. I was tired as hell getting up for work the next morning (my new job starts at 5:30 AM) but elated.

Then I got a call at work on Wednesday that my Grandpa was in the hospital.

Those of you who know me have at least heard of my Grandpa. I'm definitely closer to my Grandpa than many folks are, I see him 1-2 times a week and lived with him and my Grandma for the better part of 6 months during my parents divorce. When he went in the hospital with Jaundice after experiencing rapid weight loss I knew it was something pretty bad, talking with my buddy who's a resident at med school provided further confirmation of this. It ended up being pancreatic cancer. Those unfamiliar with pancreatic cancer should know that it has a high fatality rate, a high pain rate and is extremely hard to treat. Obviously at some point you consider that the 84 year old man in your life won't be around forever but theres not really anything that can prepare you with being confronted by that fact so coldly and directly.

Since then days have been spent at the hospital or with my Grandma with the exception of parts of Sunday and Monday. I'm grateful that I can help out and besides some horrible pain after a procedure one day my Grandpa has been in pretty good spirits. I always end up thinking about my own mortality during these situations, I can't imagine what it must be like for him. His pastor has visited him a great deal when he reads passages from the bible you can literally see them resonate. Hes had a long life though, and its evident in the diverse group of folks who come to visit him that hes made a tremendous impact on his community. Its looking likely that he'll be able to come to my wedding, which will make things even more emotional (add this to the fact that my parents will see each other for the first time in seven years, yikes!) Anyway, send my family some thoughts/prayers/positive vibes and what have you if you get a chance. Hard to believe the wedding is less than a month away now. I think I'll look back at this moment in my life as a very formative one. And as always, you really find out who you're friends are in these kinds of situations, I'm lucky to have a lot of them.

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