Friday, April 18, 2014

4/18 3 Hour Hip Hop Special!

Since the full KPSU site is down for an indeterminable amount of time I'm bringing this show to you (mostly) off of the grid. A lot of ink has been spilled over the past few weeks over the Portland hip-hop scene and fact that many major forces in this city have either not supported local hip-hop artists, or in many cases have worked against prominent artists and figures within that community. I wanted to use one of my pledge drive episodes to show my support for the criminally underrated Portland hip-hop scene. What started as an hour-long episode quickly expanded to this 3 hour edition of Blake On Wax featuring interviews and tracks from some of Portland's best hip-hop acts. I hope you enjoy all of this but most importantly, if you do, PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL HIP-HOP SCENE. And, of course, support KPSU and our efforts to acquire an FM signal:

Hour 1: A live interview with Stewart Villain
One of the nicest dudes I've met in the Portland music scene, Stewart was an absolute pleasure to interview. We talk about the Portland scene, his transition from just a producer to an MC, and where he sees his career headed in the next year.

Hour 2: An interview with MC Rasheed Jamal / Liquid Beat artist Hot 16.
Rasheed and I talk about the Portland scene, his 2013 album My Beautiful Ugly and the identity of Portland in general. Hot 16 (also known as DJ Dan Kinto) and I talk about his career as a DJ, his new identity as producer Hot 16, and his EP 1983 that was released last year on Liquid Beat records.

Hour 3: An interview with Portland DJ Verbz 
In what might be my favorite Blake On Wax interview of all-time Verbz (host of the Cratediggers podcast, DJ to Portland artists like Tope and more). takes me to school on Portland hip-hop. Amazing tracks, insightful talk, a love letter to pdx hip-hop.

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