Thursday, May 1, 2008

Oregon News

Survey USA (This survey includes little ol' me!)

DEM Presidential Primary:

50% Barack Obama
44% Hillary Clinton
2% Other
4% Undecided

Changes within margin of error there. Crosstabs show that Hilary has lost support among women and Obama has lost support among Men. Good luck figuring that one out. Clinton leads narrowly on Voters focused on the economy and healthcare, Obama leads voters focused on Iraq and the environment. Obama leads EVERY DEMOGRAPHIC EXCEPT THOSE OVER 65!!! Booyah~!!!

DEM Senate Primary

The latest numbers

30% Steve Novick
28% Jeff Merkley
8% Candy Neville
4% Roger Obrist
2% David Loera
2% Pavel Goberman
26% Other/Undecided

Three weeks ago

23% Steve Novick
12% Candy Neville
11% Jeff Merkley
4% Roger Obrist
2% David Loera
2% Pavel Goberman
40% Other/Undecided

SurveyUSA's summary:

Oregon U.S. Senate Primary: Merkley Support Nearly Triples, Now Tied with Novick -- In a Democratic Primary in Oregon for United States Senate today, 05/01/2008, three weeks till votes are counted, attorney Steve Novick and state House Speaker Jeff Merkley tie, according to a SurveyUSA poll conducted exclusively for KATU-TV Portland. Novick today gets 30%, Merkley 28%, within the survey's 3.9 percentage point margin of sampling error. 4 other candidates in single digits. 26% of voters say they are undecided, or will vote for some other unnamed candidate. Compared to an identical SurveyUSA poll released 04/07/08, Novick is up 7 points, Merkley is up 16 points. Among women, Merkley's support has tripled and he now leads Novick 30% to 25%. Among men, Novick is up 7, Merkley is up 8. Among Pro-Life voters, Merkely's support has quadrupled. Among voters age 50+, Merkley had trailed Novick by 12, now tied. As evidence of how closely matched and fiercely fought the contest now is: Among Conservatives, the two are tied. Among Moderates, the two are tied. Among Liberals, the two are tied.

Thats a HUGE gain for merkley, and a notable strength among women. This race just got interesting.

And finally:

It looks like we may have an anti-domestic partnership initiative on our ballots this fall. WHAT. THE. FUCK???????? They didn't gather enough signatures, but homophobia pushes on. It was bad enough that we have a gay marriage ban, theres no way this shit is gonna fly.

I remember being asked my opinion on the mayoral race but I can't seem to find a link to a Mayoral poll. Its a great time to be an always!

PS: Mayoral Doughnut Eating Contest Friday at 12 AM~!!!

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wep601 said...

Hi! Your post showed up in my "Google alerts" and I just had to say that I really was glad to stumble on it. :) Thank you for your "righteous indignation" for the dom. partner repeal efforts.
Have a good day!