Friday, May 9, 2008

Pretty stark contrast

From Sam's site:

Democratic Party endorses Adams; Republican Party endorses Dozono

Democratic Party endorses Adams; Republican Party endorses Dozono
Mayoral candidate Sho Dozono receives sole endorsement of the Republican Party.

Portland, OR | Creating another clear contrast in the race for Portland Mayor, the Republican Party of Multnomah County has endorsed Sho Dozono. Sam Adams has the sole endorsement of the Democratic Party of Multnomah County.

In their endorsement of Dozono, the Republican Party criticized Sam Adams for not interviewing for their endorsement. While many individual Republicans appreciate Sam Adams' leadership and support him even though he is strong and proud Democrat, Sam declined an interview because he could not in good conscience solicit support from an organization that subscribes to a platform that includes in part:

-Opposition to civil unions and basic rights for same-sex couples;
-Opposition to a woman's right to choose;
-And it supports numerous positions that breach the separation of church and state;

For more on the Republican Party Platform, see this link.

The Republican Party's endorsement of Sho Dozono comes on the heels of the Democratic Party's endorsement of Sam Adams for Mayor.

"In every neighborhood, Democrats are passing out their party's endorsement literature to voters, and at the top of the ticket is their sole endorsement of Sam Adams for Mayor," said Jennifer Yocom, Adams' campaign manager. "I believe that sole endorsement of Sho Dozono by the Republican Party – and his solicitation of that endorsement – shows a clear contrast between Mr. Dozono and Sam."

"Oregon used to have a strong tradition of progressive Republicans and I'm proud to have the support of icons of that age like Norma Paulus," Sam Adams stated. "Sadly, today, this state's Republican Party is controlled by the right wing. I'm proud to have the Democratic Party's endorsement—the endorsement is recognition of the work that I've done in the progressive community and their support of my vision for Portland's future for all people. "

Sam Adams has also been endorsed by the following organizations and media entities:
Stand for Children
AFSCME local 189
ATU Local 757
Basic Rights Oregon Equality PAC
Bike. Walk. Vote.
CWA 7901
Democratic Party (Multnomah County)
Home Builders Association of Metropolitan Portland
Laborers - Oregon, Southern Idaho District Council of Laborers
Laborers 296 & 320
Just Out
NARAL - Green light
National Association of Letter Carriers, Branch 82
NW Examiner
Oregon Building Trades Council
Oregon League of Conservation Voters
ONRC PAC (Oregon Wild)
The Oregonian
Portland Association of Teachers
Portland Business Alliance - Dual Endorsement
Portland Metropolitan Association of Building Owners
The Portland Mercury
The Portland Observer
NW Oregon Labor Council
Oregon State Council for Retired Citizens (OSCRC-PAC)
The Sierra Club
SEIU Local 49 & Local 503
Joint Council of Teamsters 37
UFCW 555
The Victory Fund
Willamette Week
*Winner of YouthVOTE!: A local event organized by high school students to give people under the age of 21 a chance to vote for their favorite candidate.*

For more on the Republican Party Platform, see this link.
Multnomah County Republican Party Newsletter

For more on the Democratic Party Platform, see these links: Platform-Resolutions-Endorsements and 2005_platform.
Multnomah County Democratic Party Newsletter.

Posted on May 8, 2008.

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