Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Positive Stuff

Hey, I thought I'd inject some positivity up in this piece.

Positive thing #1: Obama Rising

McCain's bounce is all but over. Obama is up as of today in Gallup, down by only 1 in Rass and leading in several other daily trackers as well. State by state polls coming out this week will probably favor mccain partly because of a lapse, but take a look at where John Kerry was: now take a look at where Obama is: Holy cow do we have less work to do. Kerry was barely holding IL! All Obama has to do is hold all the states Kerry did and pick up states like IA, VA, CO and NM where hes polling strongly and he wins. McCain doesn't really have many options when it comes to picking off a Kerry state (assuming PA and MI hold where they are) and will now be on defense in states like VA, NM and CO. Theres also the outside chance of picking up OH or FL, and if Obama does that, McCain is toast.

Lets not forget Obamas ground game. Pretty massive voter registration going on and unlike 2004 the Obama campaign has registered these folks and will have the resources in place to get them to the polls.

Obviously in many ways this thing is still a coin toss. Estimates have undecideds as high as 10%. Nobody knows which way those folks will break, and anybody that pretends to know is full of it. There are other unknown factors at play as well. What effect will Obama's race have on the end result? African American turnout may be unprecedented but there also may be some hesitance among whites to vote for an African American. Then again, there may be some undecided white voters who will vote for Obama just to make history. We just don't know. I am more hopeful now than I was last week though.

#2 Ted Leo has a new EP out
Really, he does. It Rocks. All proceeds go to charity. Check it out

#3 Fall is the best season to live in Portland

#4 Lisa Hannigans new record kicks ass

#5 September will be my last concert-less month of the year - and its halfway over.

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