Tuesday, October 21, 2008

14 Favorite Political Tunes #1

Since we're now two weeks away from the election I'm finding myself listening almost exclusively to politically themed songs. I've decided to post my 14 favorite political songs, one day at a time, starting today. These are in no particular order.

First up.....

Pearl Jam - Undone

A Riot Act era B-side I first heard this song in 2003, the year that I really started becoming politically active and aware. I'm a little less idealistic than I was then, but certain lyrics here really resonate with me "Can't wait for election day" in particular.

Last stop on the west coast line
South of the northern border
One small corner on my mind

Everybody, they know me there
Don't get any second glances
Chances are that they don't care

The world has come undone
Like to change it everyday
Change don't come at once
It's a wave... building before it breaks

Can't wait for election day
Witness the occupation
Corporations rule the day
Well you know the pendulum throws
Farther out to the one side, swinging
Has to sweep back the other way

The world has come undone
Another day and who can wait
Change don't come at once
It's a wave building before it breaks

All this hope and nowhere to go
This is how I used to feel, but no more
The world has come undone
Like a game that few can play
Change don't come from one
It's a wave... building before it breaks

On the subject of Pearl Jam - tomorrow will be the 5 year anniversary of my favorite show of all time. A great moment from that show:

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