Thursday, October 23, 2008

More about Jeff Merkley

Honestly the following links explain why you should vote for Jeff Merkley better than I could do in a post. Check these out:

This senate race is a simple decision to make. If you care about progressive values, vote for Jeff Merkley. If you approve of 90% of George Bush's policies, vote for Gordon Smith. The main reason why I supported Jeff Merkley in the Senate primary was his support of Payday Loan Reform as speaker of the Oregon House. As this race has continued I like him more and more. I'm confident that in the senate he will vote to protect the middle class, support teachers and students and help the most vulnerable members of our society. Yes, the DSCC's ads have been really negative but so has Gordon Smith's. Look at their plans, look at the record. Vote on whoevers policies you feel reflect your values.

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