Sunday, November 9, 2008

Keeping in touch

I've recently had conversations with several friends of mine that all reach the same conclusion: we all have no friends. Or at least it doesn't FEEL like it. Sure, I have friends, even one that I see fairly often, but its often in short, rushed encounters that don't really do much but remind me that I wish I saw my friends more often. As a strong extrovert I really enjoy 95% of people so its unusual that I really can only call around 10 people legitimate "friends" of mine. Acquaintances are lovely, but need not apply here. I have 51 "friends" on facebook though. Thinking about this 10 I've only seen three of them the past month, 5-7 this calendar year, and the rest before this calendar year. There are geographic boundaries to be sure, but the biggest boundaries are artificial.

The really unfortunate thing about this in my mind, aside from the loss of feeling loved by ones friends, is the missed opportunities for learning. I've learned so much from my friends, not necessarily things that are quantifiable (although in many cases I have learned a great deal) but things about myself, about people - about life. Its all very lamentable. Then again, I have certainly been in that mood lately.....a....lamentatious one? lamentative? This is the exact kind of thing a friend could help out with.

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