Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Goal this Christmas

Two words: Buy Local

More than any other time of year Christmas is when I go retail crazy. Not only do I buy gifts but inevitably I get a good share of Christmas cash as well. Usually I go for either price or convenience when buying gifts - taking a trip to best buy, fred meyer or even *shudder* the mall. The mall of all places! Not this year my friends!

I think between Music Millennium and Everyday Music, Powell's Books, the Vegan Mini Mall and various neighborhood shops I should be golden. Will it cost more? Maybe, but not much. In fact the really awesome thing will be for those of us music and book fans that will get to scoop up low price used goods with our Christmas cash. This recession will be hard on small and local businesses. If you value the character of this city then put your Christmas money where your mouth is and BUY LOCAL!!!!

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