Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Top 10 of 2010: Shout Out Louds–Work


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This is actually a pretty fun video

This was one of the first 2010 releases I listened to and its managed to stick with me since I first heard it. Similar to last year’s Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix by Phoenix it can sometimes take a foreign band to remind you about what makes the American institution of Rock and Roll great. Work is certainly nothing groundbreaking. Just great songs, great production and fantastic sequencing.

There is a kind of wistful melancholy that makes it resonate with me so deeply. If you’re having an off year this album is like a warm hug. “1999” typifies the “how can I feel so nostalgic about something that wasn’t that long ago? Or was it that long ago?” feeling that I and many of my peers have experienced after college. So if you’re finding yourself in a mid-twenties malaise, give it a listen. 

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