Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Show Review: Small Black at Bunk Bar 6/09 - My future is fine, at least it seems okay

I'm exhausted. Finals week has been killing me, an already stressful week made worse by what ended up being a very long Sunday evening. Tiredness aside, I regret nothing.

A Sunday night that began with Game 2 of the NBA finals, five beers and chicken wings ended with me watching my 2nd favorite show of the year (yes, Walkmen in January still reigns supreme) at Bunk Bar - which has become my favorite venue in town to see a show. They have what can only be called an Artisanal Margarita Machine, you know. Beyond that, its small, unbelievably small when you consider the quality of an act like Small Black.

And Sebadoh is playing there in August? Inconceivable.

The set itself was perfect. Drawing mostly on their excellent 2013 release Limits of Desire Small Black united the crowd around their singular blend of their indelible melodies and deep hypnotic grooves. I honestly have no idea how Limits of Desire, and Small Black in general, hasn't blown up to the extent that they should. As many of you know, I'm always looking for any excuse to dance at shows and Sunday night ended up being pretty ideal in that regard. Surrounded by the perfect group of friends, a warm and inviting crowd, and a margarita in my hand (was it blood orange?) I was able to escape from the impending doom of finals week. The high point of the show was most definitely the set closer, the excellent "No Stranger". Theres no video of that though, so enjoy this video of them playing a track from their last album instead.

Spring 2013 will be forever colored by memories of this show (and others), developing friendships and my new obsession with the incomparable 80's band Prefab Sprout. I've been appreciating the depth and quality of their material (particularly the lyrics), but also their influence on bands from Wild Nothing to Vampire Weekend to Small Black (see how I tied all of that together?)

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