Monday, August 18, 2008

Biden as Veep?

I call swerve. I think a different pick will be announced before Friday. I think Biden brings certain strengths (good debater/campaigner, foreign policy cred etc.) and weaknesses (gaffe-prone, who gives a shit about DE etc,) just like everyone else. I happen to like the guy personally so I would enjoy the pick, I just think the O campaign is trying to surprise us.

My Rank of the top 3 according to the press (although I will not be surprised if O's pick is none of the following)

1 Biden
2 Kaine (Pro: VA will be important, Governors are great at conveying a message of change, Con: Weak stance on abortion will piss off pro-choice groups)
3 Bayh (Pro: Mild white dude with good looking family, may assuage some Hilary supporters Con: Former Hilary supporter, Mild stance on other progressive issues)

For some reason Richardson has sounded pretty good to me as of late. The guy was a diplomat, will ensure Latino turnout, helps us grab New Mexico - then again like every other pick he has some weaknesses like his unusual speaking style, and having a Black/Latino ticket may scare the crap out of certain (Read: racist) voters. Who knows. I'm sure as hell excited though.

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