Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden we can believe in

So yeah, I'm sure y'all are wondering how I feel about Obama picking Biden. Its definitely indicative of the O campaign getting bigger that the news was leaked - probably by ex-Clintonites I assume.

Joe Biden has been one of my favorite pols for a long time now. I feel the guy has a great life story, an engaging speaking style and a decent record in his 30 plus years in the senate. Hes a strong progressive, but has shown some independence on certain issues. As I mentioned in my last post, the guy is gaffe-prone. But a gaffe prone president managed to win in 2004 if I recall correctly, so its certainly not a disqualifier. His legislative achievements - VAWA and VCC/LEA among them are part of what made him stand above the 3 democratic front runners in my mind. His crusade against Robert Bork has certainly endeared him to many progressives, although many folks like myself have always been concerned about his actions regarding the death penalty.

Biden certainly brings a sense of experience to the ticket, will be a great campaigner and will smoke whoever McCain picks in the VP debate - especially Mitt Romney. Kudos to Biden for accepting the Job and kudos to Obama for not caving in to whining Clinton supporters.

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